Elevate Textiles

Elevate Textiles

Elevating an entire industry

Elevate Textiles is a new master brand that was developed when two of the most successful global textile businesses came together. Our task was to deliver a cohesive brand and website experience that highlighted their diverse offering while ensuring the master brand was more meaningful than just a sum of its parts.

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Elevate Textiles website

The case for change

Marrying the ambitions of multiple CEOs while delivering a strategy and experience for a small and nimble team posed potential challenges.

The new brand needed to elevate their position as market leaders, while also galvanising and inspiring the team members across the different companies to deliver on their new promise.

The case for change

Strategy and solutions

With a clear purpose, personality and ambition — it was our job to ensure the story was told in an ownable and memorable way, focusing on the innovation and sustainability efforts which set them apart.

We navigated the aspirations for the unified company while creating a compelling brand strategy and website experience worthy of the world’s leading global textile company. The new website experience served as a rallying cry to cement their position in the market while also serving as a hub to lead customers to sub-brand experiences.

Elevate Textiles sustainability

Business impact

Elevate Textiles are now world renowned and perceived as the leaders in their field. The new website experience was used as a benchmark within the organization for website redevelopment at scale.

Each sub brand has now used the design system to create a consistent web presence across their product portfolios.

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