Connecting audiences with a clean energy mission.

The DCC is the digital backbone to the smart metering network that connects homes and businesses across the whole of the UK to smarter, greener energy. We were asked to transform their digital channels to better communicate their position as a leader in the renewable energy sector — while raising awareness among their partners and customers of the need to achieve a more sustainable future. 

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The case for change

The DCC was perceived in the market as an infrastructure company, and its communication was complex and technical – failing to embody the company’s innovation agenda and connect with its mission to make our society cleaner and greener.

The DCC needed a fresh digital platform to clearly and single-mindedly communicate their tools, their innovations and their mission to a broad range of stakeholders that includes industry experts, energy partners and end-consumers.

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We partnered with the DCC to completely transform their corporate website, re-imagining how best to engage visitors and encourage action in order to progress towards the shared goal of smarter energy.



We worked with the DCC to define a new tone of voice, bringing humanity, clarity and inspiring thought leadership to the brand — ultimately helping them establish their position as pioneering innovation partners.

Then, we built a flexible, ownable website design system to help move faster  in a previously slow-to-respond sector. An end customer-facing app was also rapidly prototyped in collaboration with C-suite stakeholders, while custom API integrations of crucial industry data feeds helped streamline workflows and provided real-time outlooks on the DCC's progress.

DCC mobile user interface

Business impact

The new site launched in June 2021 and since then has delivered a 91% increase in conversion. Visitors are spending almost 60% longer on the site, learning about DCC’s mission and connecting with the innovation agenda. 

Partnering with the DCC on their digitalisation journey also helped promote efficiency and faster decision-making. Automated data feeds have alleviated manual data management, while Agile delivery and rapid prototyping methods have allowed the DCC to bring new concepts and opportunities to their partner community much faster than before.

Increase in conversions
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