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Thames Water

How do we put customers at the heart of our future strategy?

Thames Water has a commitment to reducing leaks and water use, delivering more proactive customer service, and reducing costs to serve. To achieve these objectives we helped the company shift from a traditional utility to a customer centred organisation that offers a seamless omnichannel experience to all its customers.

Thames Water design sprint workshop

The case for change

Thames Water is the UK's largest water and wastewater services company with 15 million customers in London and the South East. With the UK Government considering competition in the residential water market, customer experience became a key battleground for Thames Water.

Thames Water customer journey map

Strategy & solutions

We started by auditing the existing experience to understand gaps and opportunities. We created customer personas to understand people’s expectations and attitudes when interacting with Thames Water in different channels.

We then created design blueprints for the future customer experience – bringing to life the vision for how customers can seamlessly interact across channels.

Working in design sprints, we developed detailed prototypes for each experience, before carrying this work into a new digital design system and a new web experience.

Business impact

Our work placed customer needs at the heart of decision making and guided Thames Water’s initial investment in crucial digital transformation initiatives.

Our new digital design system and ‘pattern library’ is powering all new digital touchpoints, enabling new experiences to be built and tested at speed.

Thames Water mobile app
Thames Water digital design system
More work

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