Becoming a modern product organization

Schneider is one of the largest providers of truckload, intermodal and logistics services in the US. We were tasked with reimagining their digital customer experience, focusing on the UX design and content strategy for their new .com platform, as well as a host of digital services across their product ecosystem.

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Schneider Digital Transformation

The case for change

Schneider needed to respond aggressively to disruption in their sector. With new, smaller and more nimble companies coming to market, they needed to lean into what sets Schneider apart and bring new and innovative technology to the forefront

As well as serving current and future partners, Schneider needed to give more attention to their recruitment efforts and deliver a digital experience that drives talent acquisition. website

Strategy and solutions

Our solution focused on changing perceptions, from a company focused on scale and safety, to being a flexible partner. 

We modernized Schneider's digital touchpoints and brought cohesion and ease-of-use to their app ecosystem by designing a set of digital self-service experiences for their shipper and carrier audiences called FreightPower. We then re-architectured to shift brand perception and improve B2B lead generation.

Schneider Freight Power user interface
Schneider Freight Power user interface

Business impact

We've implemented a thoroughly customer-centric approach into their existing workflow through working side by side with Schneider, leading with research — and carrying out ongoing testing and validation in all projects to ensure we adapt and continually meet users' needs.

We continue to work with Schneider today, ensuring every touchpoint from awareness through to retention is rooted in customer centricity and seamless digital experiences.

Schneider digital design system
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