Dart Enterprises

Dart Enterprises

Building a digital-first business model

Dart Enterprises is a multi-asset business responsible for investing over $1.5bn in property, hospitality and retail in the Cayman Islands. We’ve partnered with Dart to deliver an extensive programme of digital transformation that has had far reaching impacts across team structures, operating models, design systems, platforms and KPIs.

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The case for change

Since 1993, Dart’s growth has created untold opportunities for local communities. But as the organisation has scaled, the customer experiences it has created and the systems that power them have remained the same.

We were asked to identify key areas of weakness and recommend where change would add greatest value.

Dart digital strategy

The solution

Initial engagements with over 60 stakeholders from across the business revealed key challenges and opportunities, from data security and operational efficiencies to design consistency and shared KPIs.

We created a blueprint for digital excellence and a three year roadmap for implementation, before supporting Dart with the rollout of core infrastructure components. These included CRM implementation, a new web platform, and democratisation of data within the marketing team to enable faster and more objective decision making.

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Business impact

Our partnership with Dart has resulted in a completely new digital ecosystem, with new evolved operating models and team structures.

The new platforms have resulted in a 120% uplift in residential real estate leads and a 300% uplift in organic SEO, and teams are empowered by relevant data insights that drive continuous optimisation and improvements.


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Residential real estate leads
Uplift in organic SEO
New digital team hires
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