Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland

Exceeding traveller expectations. Deepening customer relationships.

The island of Ireland offers a whole array of unique experiences to visitors from across the world. We’ve been Tourism Ireland’s digital transformation partner for 10 years – helping maximise the opportunities to promote the island globally and use data to build and deepen customer relationships before, during and even after their trip to The Emerald Isle.

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The case for change

Visitors to Ireland, its hotels, shops, restaurants and experiences exceed 11 million every year. But with so much to see and do, the customer experience for discovery and trip planning was disjointed. Tourism Ireland didn’t have sight of the data it needed to serve personalised customer journeys, making cross-sell and upsell difficult.

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The solution

In a tumultuous Covid-19 era, we needed to exceed expectations with seamless digital experiences and stand-out content. The next generation web platform, built on Sitecore and Microsoft Azure, delivers engaging content and personalisation that continues to inspire visitors with more of the content we know they’ll love.

Business Impact

Today, receives over 23 million annual visitors and Tourism Ireland can anticipate the likelihood to travel based on customer engagement with the new platform. Combined with atomised content, dynamic visitor segmentation and refined next best actions, we serve an intelligent and personalised experience to everyone, every time.

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Technology profile

The platform is built on Sitecore XP. It is available in 29 global markets and 15 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, and delivers over 20,000,000 sessions a year to inspire travellers worldwide.

Data sits at the heart of the experience with ‘next best action’ recommendations driving personalisation from an integrated real time data architecture. The site also features 3rd party content ingestion and product data integration from proprietary systems.

The front end customer experience delivers flexibility to local marketing teams through a robust digital design system and pattern library.

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