ViiV Healthcare

ViiV Healthcare

Personalised experiences. Next generation engagement.

ViiV Healthcare is a world leading innovator in HIV therapies, the company’s research is accessed by thousands of Healthcare Professionals across the world and its treatments used by millions of patients living with HIV.

The expectations of Healthcare Professionals and patients are changing. We’re working with ViiV Healthcare to meet those expecations by delivering a global programme of Digital Transformation.

ViiV Infographic, 240 hours of Interviews with ViiV medics and stakeholders, 50 plus Healthcare industry, 200 plus ViiV Primary Research Documents reports,

The case for change

Communication with Healthcare Professionals has always been driven by the personal touch. One-to-one conversations, expert knowledge and the ability to adapt are all critical to HCP engagement. But the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation across the healthcare industry are too crucial to ignore. Demand from HCPs for self-service, greater convenience, and more personalised experiences has changed how ViiV Healthcare needs to reach and serve its audiences.

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Strategy and Solutions

Audience research highlighted the enormity of materials HCPs needed to process to stay up-to-date. To stand out, ViiV Healthcare needed to offer personalised, educational experiences that adapt to an individual’s attitudes and preferences. A new global customer experience framework and an evolved approach to content and data insights would deliver next generation customer engagement for ViiV Healthcare.

From global playbooks for content to marketing automation strategies using Adobe, we’re helping ViiV Healthcare build an industry-leading ecosystem of education, sales and service. We’re optimising as we go, building on a data-driven understanding of HCP needs and working with markets to pilot each initiative.

ViiV Healthcare customer journey map

Business impact

After successful market pilots, the new approach is being rolled out across markets globally, enabling ViiV Healthcare to deliver more intimate and personal digital customer experiences, servicing audiences in ways not previously seen in pharmaceuticals, and move towards a truly agile marketing model.

More work

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