Digital platform to position for growth

Grünenthal is a global pharmaceutical company with ambitious growth objectives. When they decided to refresh their brand identity, we were invited to help transform their current web presence to reflect a new, elevated market position and sustainably support future growth.

Grünenthal website

The case for change

Grünenthal enjoys a strong market position as a known leader in pain management. But the pace of change in the sector has never been greater and the time and resources required to deliver new products to market is a growing challenge. Long-term growth requires a brand that can attract new business partners and the best in global talent.

Grünenthal digital design system

Strategy and solutions

Grünenthal challenged us to develop a brand new digital platform. Our goal was to re-energise and re-inspire their workforce, create a shared sense of purpose, and signal positive change to the wider market.

Our strategy? To find a healthy, meaningful balance between the rational and emotional sides of Grünenthal’s personality — applying years of scientific know-how to solve problems whilst working towards an emotional goal: to make life feel truly better.

Grünenthal digital ecosystem

Business impact

We delivered a new global web platform that brought nearly 200 existing websites into a single platform. The new platform is powered by a global, flexible design system and was delivered on Sitecore CMS to enable the business to quickly adapt and evolve its global web presence.

The result? An easy-to-navigate, mobile-responsive site that connects Grünenthal’s many stakeholders with the knowledge, solutions, and expertise they need.

Technology profile

We moved over nearly 200 global websites, across a legacy technology stack, into a single Sitecore CMS with centralised shared content management. The new site is built on Sitecore XP, supporting multisite and multi-language functionality. It is hosted in Azure and integrated with Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud to deliver a personalised experience.

The Grünenthal platform has been built to accommodate the requirements of a heavily regulated industry, and multi stakeholder content workflow is fundamental to the content editor process.

More work

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