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Soma is an intimates brand with a solid grip on the 40+ market. With Victoria’s Secret leading the category and a plethora of new incumbents, it was key to create a brand experience that met younger consumers’ unmet needs. Instead of diluting their master brand, we partnered with FutureBrand to create a new brand and digital shopping experience specifically targeted to a younger, digital-first audience.

TellTale customer journey map

The challenge

Soma identified a need to reach the next generation of shoppers, those that were younger, incredibly tech-savvy and expert multi-taskers. For them, in-store was playing second-fiddle to the convenience of online shopping.  

Intimates is a complex category with numerous pain points that severely limit a seamless online purchase experience, so how do we make this clear, simple and frictionless?

The challenge

The solution

Based on consumer research we identified three key consumer audiences and mapped their individual journeys throughout the entire cross-channel purchase experience. Then, through design studios and co-creation sessions, we identified signature moments where our new brand, TellTale, could differentiate themselves from competitors. 

The new ecommerce experience included a personalised shopping experience, fit quiz, product storytelling elements, customer support and affiliate program experiences.

TellTale ecommerce website

Business impact

Launched in April 2019, TellTale appeals to tech-savvy millennials who also happen to be hyper-focused on the curation of their own experience. From self-care to self-expression, TellTale gives its audiences the tools to share their story in a contemporary fashion, with the expertise learned by creating Soma’s products.

TellTale website product finder
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