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Activating purpose to start meaningful conversations.

Swiss Re has been a leader in reinsurance, insurance and insurance-based risk transfer for 160 years. By sharing ideas and challenging the status quo, Swiss Re empowers clients with deep knowledge, intelligent data, and innovative risk solutions. For the lucrative annual contracts renewal season, it wanted an activation that would cut through and reaffirm its values and commitment to partnerships, people and progress.

A Swiss Re poster board showing the title 'Partners in resilience'

Traffic-stopping connection

Throughout the global conference season prospects are time poor, inundated with communications and conversation. Amidst a climate of fierce competition, winning engagement and generating meaningful conversations that can continue beyond the event are key.

Local installations building global conversation

For us, the Swiss Re brand purpose, “Working to make the world more resilient” - carries the confidence and intent needed to cut through. Its inherent sense of pride, optimism and continuous evolution, denotes both commercial success and the ability to have a positive impact on the wider world.

So to celebrate and elevate Resilience, we worked with the Swiss Re teams to create an at-event installation - The Wall of Resilience.

The Wall of Resilience invited prospective clients and Swiss Re employees to share their interpretations and stories of resilience, asking them to think about what the value really means to them. Postable pre, during and post-event, submissions were made secure, seamless and fully customisable.

Rolled out at scale across markets and handling real time data-transfer, we built the wall on a secure, cloud-based application, and utilised Azure PaaS to reduce maintenance and support. Secured using Azure AD, Swiss Re controls all data via their Enterprise Application, ensuring accounts comply with their corporate policies and access is restricted where necessary. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and privileged accounts require Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Business impact

Launched in Monte Carlo and scaled across Europe, Singapore and North America, the Wall received hundreds of story submissions, and generated conversation with both existing clients, new prospects and employees. For those already engaged with Swiss Re, the Wall proved itself a great platform to start critical conversations around the value of Resilience to their existing relationship.

Business impact

What’s next

Transcending conference season, the Wall of Resilience has become a key conversation starter for colleagues and clients across the globe. It continues to demonstrate power in strengthening partnerships through a shared appreciation of purpose.

A word from Swiss Re

"The Wall of Resilience really captured the essence of our brand story. With it, we embraced a new and powerful way of telling our stories of collaboration with clients. Relevance and scalability across markets was key to success, we needed our teams and clients across the globe to see the value in this single idea. Collaboration with Hugo & Cat exemplified proactive partnership throughout and resulted in work that represents a real step change for us."

Tatiana Schoch, Lead Marketing Communications Reinsurance Solutions

A word from our team

“Against a backdrop of heightened climate-related risk and the increased desire to prioritise people over profit, the Wall of Resilience really celebrated Swiss Re’s commitment to its people and client partnerships – and to future-proofing progress across the world. Together, we were able to create an experience that really connected with both customers and employees - by celebrating the Swiss Re purpose and the ever-present human desire to share stories, to progress and to be prepared for ever changing risk.”

Lauren Smith, Client Director

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