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Manuel Neuer vs the Sony α6000

Manuel Neuer vs the Sony α6000

How we put one of the world's best goalkeepers legendary speed on the line against Sony's α6000 camera


The α6000 camera from Sony was unmatched for speed but what did that really mean for photographers? To show what it could do, we put it to the test against one of the world’s fastest goalkeepers - Manuel Neuer.

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Game on!

To make the incredible speed of the α6000 meaningful to people, we thought, what better than a series of speed challenges against one of the world’s fastest sportsmen - Manuel Neuer. They’re both using speed to push the boundaries of what’s possible and we wanted to see who came out on top, while showing what made the camera so special.

Is Manuel Neuer as fast as the α6000?

We shot a series of speed challenges with Neuer and the camera, resulting in assets that were used online, across social channels and press.

One goalkeeper, four challenges, 60 minutes

The video and social assets we created were viewed and shared thousands of times on YouTube Instagram and Twitter across Germany, helping to make the α6000 the most popular camera in its category that year.

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