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Driving growth through product innovation

S&P Global is a world leader in financial information and analytics. In a fast-moving market that increasingly demands reliable and trusted data, the company is delivering an ambitious roadmap of new digital products and tools that set it apart from the competition.

We’ve been a key partner to S&P Global since 2019, designing, building and launching innovative new market propositions and delivering improvements across the company’s digital products and experiences.

S&P Global Marketplace

The challenge

In a fast paced and interconnected business landscape, decision making increasingly relies on timely, high quality data to help decision makers find patterns across multiple data sets.

To meet the evolving needs of the market, S&P Global asked us to design and build a data discovery product that enables customers to search traditional and alternative datasets from across their own and curated third-party sources.

The solution

With just nine months to launch the new product, we created a fully integrated Agile project team to work collaboratively and progress at speed.

We knew that data discovery had to be seamless, helping customers understand the value and relevance of the data in their decision making. Our design team created a simple, bold user interface, which our development team implemented using the React framework for an ‘app-like’ feel.

S&P Global design detail

Business impact

The new product, called S&P Global Marketplace, launched in early 2020 and has quickly become a core part of the company’s product portfolio.

Following this success, we’ve continued to partner with S&P Global to continuously evolve the product. And as an established partner, we’re also delivering user experience, design and development across the broader S&P Global digital ecosystem.

More work

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