Information for recruiters

Information for recruiters


Thank you for your interest in recruiting for Hugo & Cat. We receive a great number of phone calls and emails from recruiters each day, so please have a read of the following information before getting in touch.

Hugo & Cat is part of the Interpublic Group of companies (IPG) and all recruitment contracts are provided and managed as part of IPG's recruitment preferred supplier list (PSL). We are unable to engage directly with recruiters that are not on the IPG PSL where the type of role and candidates sought are already covered by the service provision of existing suppliers.

That said, from time-to-time we may need to recruit candidates for roles that our existing preferred suppliers do not cover. In these instances we will identify and directly contact recruitment agencies that meet our requirements, subject to agreement of IPG's rates and terms. For more information please refer to the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact at IPG with a view to getting on the PSL?

Unfortunately we cannot put you in contact with the IPG procurement team unless we have directly approached your company in the first instance.

What are IPG's recruitment rates and terms?

We don't disclose rates or terms unless we have directly approached your company in the first instance.

Who can I speak to about a specific role advertised on your website?

Unless you're on the IPG PSL we are unable to discuss any role or provide contact details for the resourcing team or line manager.

You've had a job advert posted for a while, if you can't fill the vacancy with your existing suppliers, can you consider us?

In general, its rare that we are unable to fill vacancies from our preferred suppliers. However, on the occasions where we need to look beyond our PSL, we will make contact with recruitment agencies that we have identified as a possible recruitment partner.

But I have a great candidate that I'm sure would be perfect for you!

We get asked this all the time. Our hiring systems require our recruitment partners to be on-boarded as part of becoming a preferred supplier. Therefore we are unable to bypass this.

How do I provide information about our company, recruitment services and capability for future consideration?

You can send us details about your company by emailing us here. Please note the purpose of this mailbox is to store details of recruitment companies that are not on the PSL but would like to be considered in the future. Please only send us information about your company that you feel would help us identify you as a potential recruitment partner. Please don't include any information about candidates or include CV's in your email as these will be deleted in order for us to comply with GDPR. If we need to look outside our PSL in the future, we'll get in touch with you at that time.