Amplitude Global Partnership Amplitude Global Partnership

Umbraco Gold Partner

Market leading product analytics.

Amplitude is a market leader in Digital product analytics and optimisation. The platform provides a unique 360-degree-insight into the entire digital product and customer experience delivered across every digital team. 

Amplitude lets us see and understand customer behaviour in a new way, predict which actions lead to business outcomes and adapt each experience to maximize impact.

An established partnership

Hugo & Cat is an active member of the Amplitude community and have seen a dramatic increase in the relevance of their product suite to our customers as we see a shift from digital transformation to optimisation of our clients digital products and experiences.

Digital optimisation provides a new depth of insights into customer behaviour to help understand what drives impact. You can use this insight to continuously innovate and grow.

Digital transformation drove the last era of technology innovation, digital optimization will drive the next.

Our Amplitude experience

Our experience with Amplitude has focused around helping our customers to optimise their customer experience through digital products. We have implemented Amplitude to help solve a number of challenges from attribution through to experiential improvement.

By looking and tracking both product and customer behavioural data, you can figure out what changes to make based on the actions that correlate to impact. It provides insight to adapt experiences to each customer and gives teams a common lens into data, helping transform their function.

ACS Umbraco platform
Umbraco platform for the American College of Surgeons

Our Amplitude team

Hugo & Cat is a leading digital customer experience agency and we have a wide range of specialists equipped to support Amplitude implementation and ongoing digital optimisation.

Our core team in London includes trained analysts, user experience professionals, product owners, developers and architects ready to assist our clients with Amplitude.

Multi-brand Umbraco platform for Dart Enterprises
Multi-brand Umbraco platform for Dart Enterprises

Our capabilities

Our Amplitude capabilities cover implementation, integrations, feature development and ongoing optimisation.

Amplitude Analytics

  • Explore behavioural data
  • Visualise any journey
  • Measure customer engagement
  • Identify conversion and retention drivers
  • Monitor key metrics
  • Predict future outcomes

Amplitude Recommend

  • Define dynamic audience segments
  • Compute custom properties instantly
  • Predict the best audience to target
  • Centralise and standardise audiences

Amplitude Experiment

  • A/B Tests
  • Feature Flags
  • Behavioural Data
  • Identity Resolution
  • Payloads
  • Proactive Analytics

Amplitude Behavioural Graph

  • Instant Query Results
  • 360 Journeys
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • 1:1 Recommendations

Amplitude Data Management

  • Track across multiple devices with identity resolution
  • Enrich and connect your data ecosystem
  • Safely democratise data
  • Central data hub and collaboration space
  • Create appropriate and flexible data permission
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