CBI launches the Work Health Index 2022

CBI launches the Work Health Index 2022

by Gareth Osborne

Nov 15, 2022

As part of our partnership with the Confederation of British Industry to support its Customer Experience Transformation through digital and data, Hugo & Cat is proud to announce the launch of the CBI’s new Work Health Index

Data shows the UK loses 131 million working days a year to ill-health – estimated to cost the nation £180bn a year. It also shows that Industry interventions in the working age population can reduce the ill-health burden by up to 20% by 2030. 

That is why the CBI – working with Business for Health and supported by the NHS and HM Government – has launched a first iteration of its Work Health Index (WHI) to benchmark private sector health provision across the economy. 

The WHI will give all businesses the opportunity to diagnose the strength of their health offer and benchmark it against peers. Covering workplace policies, practices and provisions designed to support employee health and wellbeing, in the immediate term, it will help firms understand their competitiveness and enhance their employee proposition. In the longer term, it can help businesses to create better work environments that improve productivity and drive up health outcomes. 

Launched at the CBI’s Annual Conference in Birmingham on November 21st and 22nd 2022, the initial rollout will invite early adopter organisations to contribute and give feedback. Following this, the CBI’s Health team, working closely with strategic partners, will bring the Work Health Index through private sector testing to public usage in 2023. 

“Hugo & Cat is proud to have been a partner to CBI in the development of the Work Health Index. With the employee wellness agenda front and centre in most organisations and employee retention ever more competitive, the WHI launches in a climate where many are looking for guidance on how to shape employee propositions that drive real value. The WHI presents organisation decision makers with valuable insights in the short term and great potential for the future. We look forward to feedback from early adopters and continuing to support the CBI in development of the product roadmap.

Gareth Osborne. Managing Director, Hugo & Cat London.