American College of Surgeons launches new site

American College of Surgeons launches new site

by Gareth Osborne

Sep 30, 2022

Hugo & Cat London and New York took to the stage at the Umbraco Summit in Charlotte, N. Carolina to launch the new website for the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

As part of our partnership with the American College of Surgeons (ACS) on its multi-year digital transformation programme, the new website is the first of several new digital products and services we will launch that place the customer at the centre of the ACS’s product design and decision-making.

With its mission to raise the standards of surgical practice and quality of care for all surgical patients, the new site focuses on supporting surgeons with more relevant, personalised content and functionality - enabling them to complete their jobs-to-be-done with greater speed and efficiency. Built using a composable digital experience platform (Umbraco DXP) the ACS benefits from highly optimised workflows and the ability to bring new experiences to market with speed and at scale across its multiple channels.

Michi Gupta, Digital Strategy Lead at the ACS said, “The American College of Surgeons is delighted with its new site. The key experiences that have been a pain point for a long time were search and mobile and these have improved drastically. Streamlined and easy to navigate, the new site allows us to add filters, a weighting system, and personalisation and is mobile-friendly, so surgeons and other audiences can accomplish many tasks on the go. Hugo & Cat worked as a partner and extension to our team. We appreciated their expertise and commitment.”

Jessica Clay, Associate Director of Technology at Hugo & Cat London said, “Working with ACS has been a rewarding experience. They recognise the need to uncover new insights through extensive audience research and are committed to a technology ecosystem that gives them the flexibility and speed they need. I look forward to working together on new experiences and platforms.”

Nick Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Client Services at Hugo & Cat North America said: “The ACS has been an open and collaborative client from day one, their ambition, openness to change, and trust in our team has delivered a class-leading experience that sets the benchmark for professional healthcare organisations.”

You can see the new ACS website at Please contact us to learn more about experience transformation leveraging Umbraco.