Driving interest through adventure

Driving interest through adventure

How we used real stories to get adventurers talking about the California camper van


To increase awareness and sales for the California camper van range, we created a journey with a difference. By following real people and their stories we connected to our audience in a way that got them excited about setting off on their own adventures.

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Explore the great outdoors

The Volkswagen camper van is an icon, loved for its distinctive design as much as the lifestyle it offers. To increase awareness, test bookings and ultimately sales, we brought its spirit and benefits to the attention of active families and outdoor adventurers alike.

Discover the California life

To see for ourselves we put a Volkswagen camper van through its paces. With a box-fresh California Beach, five friends and a bunch of surfboards we hit the road. From London to Devon and back we clocked up over 800 miles within three days and quickly got the feel for it.

Tap into passion

Research tells us that the California is so much more than a camper van. It’s a lifestyle and a chance to explore. By threading these emotional attachments through our solution we built inspiring stories to capture attention and build engagement.

Start an online journey

Using lifestyle photography, rich-media content and interactive product animations, we completely refreshed the digital California camper van experience. The new web presence is supported with extended digital content and takes adventurers on a distinctive, immersive online journey.

Tell real stories

We wanted to build brand belief by showing the California range being used by real people, and sharing their true stories. So we set out to find and film ‘active families’ and ‘outdoor adventurers’ using one of the two California models.

Our first film followed Russ and Leon, two cycling fanatics, as they took their California Beach on an action-packed cycling trip through the epic Cheddar Gorge.

We joined The Ainsworth Family on the road. They spend weekends together in the California SE at local festivals selling olives as part of a start-up business.

Take the road to adventure

Finding real-world brand ambassadors helps inspire our target audience to have their own adventures in a camper van. It also allows Volkswagen to open wider conversations.

By building emotional relationships between product and lifestyle we showed how Volkswagen camper vans bring a little extra adventure into people’s lives.

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