Turning fun into fans

Turning fun into fans

How we got two million tourists in the mood for a trip to Ireland


People all over the world are talking about Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. To make more of the excitement, we created The Fantastic St. Patrick’s Parade. It captured the imaginations of thousands and brought them back to Ireland from far and wide.

Categories: Planning / Branding / UX & Design / Content / Build / Data / Social Activation
Awards: Social Buzz Awards 2014 – Commendation
W3 Awards 2014 (Social Content) – Silver
The Drum Network Awards 2014 – Nominee
BIMA Awards 2014 - Nominee
Link: ireland.com/en-gb/joinourparade

Create real impact

Our brief was simple: to turn excitement around St. Patrick’s Day into measurable engagement and returns. Insight shows interest in Ireland peaks just after March 17th, so we needed to create lasting publicity – instead of just a big splash on the day. Tourism Ireland has the second largest Facebook presence for a tourist board, so it made sense to make this the heart of our campaign.

Join the global parade

On March 17th, celebrations take place all over the world from Boston and Sydney to Egypt and everywhere in Ireland. So why not bring these festivities together online?

We took everything great about Ireland and put it into one Fantastic St. Patrick’s Parade. Fans created crazy characters and floats from millions of possible variations, all inspired by iconic experiences in Ireland.

Share the fun

To make sure our parade travelled far and wide, reaching every corner of the globe, we spread the word with posts and tweets in six languages across 13 global markets. The more Likes a float got, the better chance fans had of winning a holiday to Ireland, so everyone invited their friends to vote and get involved.

Discover Ireland

Our virtual parade rolled by to a backdrop of Ireland’s most loved tourist attractions. We drew on people’s unique floats to direct them to areas on Ireland.com that match their interests, using the initial excitement of St. Patrick’s Day to bring everyone closer to Ireland.

Capture the world’s imagination

In 17 days our parade reached thousands worldwide. Visits to Ireland.com saw a 52% jump on St. Patrick’s Day alone, with more than a quarter of a million new sign-ups to Ireland.com. Social media was a whirl of shares, tweets and Likes with nearly 2 million Facebook story impressions.

Facebook post Likes
Facebook story impressions
New signups to Ireland.com

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