Shaping the image of Ireland

Shaping the image of Ireland

How we made Ireland a first choice holiday destination


To turn the world’s love of Ireland into a trip to the Emerald Isle we created a unique online experience. By building on valuable customer insights and creating a sense of destination image, holidaymakers can really start to see themselves there. Making sure Ireland is front of mind translates into millions more visits and views.

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Awards: The Sunday Times 2013: Top 10 Tourist Board Website
Travel D’Or 2015: Best Tourism Website
W3 2014: Gold and Silver awards

Turn holiday seekers into visitors

Ireland is one of the world’s most loved countries; people everywhere want to explore its rugged coasts, rolling hills and lively pubs. But with hundreds of dream destinations across the globe, Ireland wanted to make sure it was top choice. Our challenge was to get tourists thinking about Ireland and booking a trip.

A destination image to keep Ireland top of mind

We knew a great digital experience would help our customers plan and book. But research suggests that a sense of destination image plays a key role in how we choose a holiday. So we created a place where people can really see themselves in Ireland.

Captivate the audience tells inspiring stories through powerful imagery and captivating content, giving visitors an immersive experience by tapping into their personal passions. Whether you’re into catching the waves or sampling the black stuff, there’s a holiday in Ireland just for you. The site includes loads of travel tips and advice on the best things to see and do. It’s also got useful features like a scrapbook tool to collect and share the things you love.

One site for the whole world

We kicked off our three-year strategy by rebuilding from the ground up. Researching the top seven markets in Europe and North America, the outcome is a responsive experience live in nine languages across 27 markets.

Create new opportunities

Relevant offers and events encourage trying something new and give the opportunity to book at the highest point of engagement. Of course none of this happens without clear design and intuitive user experience, making everything easy.

Learn from experience

To make sure is always interesting and relevant we set up a framework to get the most from data, including a new social CRM. We work with global markets to help them understand their data and make regular improvements.

Ireland’s always on

We continue to build on the site’s success with innovative, creative campaigns. Coat of Charms and The Fantastic St. Patrick’s Parade generated over 200,000 sign-ups, contributing to a wealth of enriched data. The new plays a key role in making sure Ireland is a top choice for holidaymakers.

Engage with the Emerald Isle

The results following launch were impressive with a 32% increase in traffic and a 16% increase in page views. But that was only the beginning…

The number of visits jumped up by an impressive 4 million in just a year. Commercial sales for flights, hotels and tourist attractions doubled to 1.1 million and the number of registered users taking advantage of offers, discounts and competitions increased by 3 million.

1.1 million
Commercial sales doubled
Uplift in mobile traffic
3 million
more registered users

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