The world is Doodling on Dublin

The world is Doodling on Dublin

Thousands of people across the world help to turn Trinity College Dublin Green for St. Patrick's Day.


Each year, Tourism Ireland works with landmarks around the world to turn them green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Famous locations include Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House and the London Eye. To complement these icons Tourism Ireland asked us to take Greening to the world.

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Green the world. Showcase Ireland.

Every March across the world, there is huge desire to visit Ireland to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. But of course, not everyone can. 

Start social. Go physical.

To take ‘Greening’ to the world, we created an app and asked people to create their very own Dublin Doodle on Trinity College Dublin (in Green, no less). The promise? The Top 50 “Doodles” (or masterpieces as many turned out to be) would be projected live on Trinity College during the St. Patrick’s weekend celebrations and streamed live to the world.

40,000 masterpieces. 50 streamed to the world.

Over 40,000 people from as far away as India and Australia drew their very own ‘Dublin Doodle’. We captured their creations as they made them - taking real-time recordings of the masters at work. And as St. Patrick's Day drew closer, and with a couple of rules guiding what we could show, Tourism Ireland selected their 50 favourites. The winners were turned into a stunning display of light and animation, projection-mapped in real time for all to see and live-streamed on

Munch Dublin Doodle

See the action unfold

4 weeks of Doodling. 50 amazing winners. 3 great days in Dublin.

New Facebook fans
1.5 million
Organic impressions
Pieces of UGC created

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