Sparking the world’s imagination

Sparking the world’s imagination

How we get people across the globe excited about Sony’s groundbreaking technology


Sony creates ground-breaking technology and our challenge is to share it with the world. Whether selling cameras, TVs or Handycams we connect with the audience on an emotional level and show how Sony can make a difference to someone’s life. We not only help Sony sell more products, but build stronger customer relationships across the globe.

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Showing what’s possible

Smart technology and beautiful design is what Sony does and is known for all over the world. Making their products meaningful, showing what’s possible, and getting people excited about those possibilities is what we do for Sony.

It’s about what it can do for you

We understand what Sony’s customers want, what they need and what captures their imagination. This allows us to create experiences with an emotional connection that people respond to.

Connecting with people around the world

We work with Sony on a global scale. The multi-channel, responsive content we create is built on Sony’s brand values and goes out to nearly every country in the world.

Camera vs goalkeeper

When Sony released the α6000 camera they knew it had world-beating autofocus, but needed to show people what all that speed could do for their photography. So, we put the α6000 to the test against one of the world’s fastest sportsmen, Manuel Neuer, and created a campaign to answer the question, “Is Manuel Neuer as fast as the the α6000?”. With a series of fun speed challenges - Neuer vs the camera - we created a video and assets that helped to make the α6000 the most popular camera in its category.

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Ready for showtime

When the curtain goes up on the biggest trade shows of the year, we’re right there with Sony helping to make the event a success and to bring people around the world, the same sense of excitement and possibility that they’d get walking through a Sony booth.

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