Going beyond delivery

Going beyond delivery

How we moved Royal Mail from a delivery service to a business partner


Royal Mail is a trusted brand, but businesses large and small weren’t aware of the benefits their wide range of products and services offer. So we needed to highlight their value as a partner for growth. By helping business customers fulfil their ambitions, we’re building valuable long-term relationships.

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Awards: Royal Mail B2B Digital Strategy
Link: royalmail.com/business

New competition, new challenges

Royal Mail has a great base of small and medium-sized clients. However, there’ve been big changes in the delivery market over the last five years. Customers now have much more choice and margins make all the difference to their decisions. More and more, Royal Mail was finding its position as the UK’s go-to delivery service challenged by new and nimble rivals, competing hard on price.

A reputation beyond delivery

The competitive landscape and consumer research show Royal Mail is a hugely loved and trusted brand, but there was little awareness of the breadth of business products and services they offer. Royal Mail clearly has what it takes to be first choice; we just needed to help people understand their value.

Unlock a world of possibility

Discovering that business customers care most about efficiency and opportunities for growth, we created a brand new site just for them. Relevant, simple and intuitive, from the UX up everything is based around these core needs.

We’ve provided transparency with a single-view account and a smoother checkout experience. Developing service apps like tools that make direct marketing easier and buying postage faster, we’re creating more flexible ways to run a business with Royal Mail.

Content that connects

The site is packed full of inspiring content to help people fulfil their business ambitions. Showcasing companies that are succeeding with the help of Royal Mail, we capture their stories through case studies, highlighting the advantages of a business partnership. Insight, trend, and how-to articles give customers more value, while establishing Royal Mail as a thought leader.

Inspire long-term change

The result: a more accessible, meaningful site designed to build relationships based on long-term value. Over a million people visited the site in its first month. And with clearer, more useful content, Royal Mail estimates that it will save more than 22,000 hours of customer support per year.

1 million
visits in the first month
estimated hours saved per year

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