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We are Hugo & Cat

Founded in 2004 and based in London and New York, we're an award-winning digital agency partnering with organisations all over the world to create experiences that make a more positive future for people and brands. In 2015 we became part of the FutureBrand family and the IPG network.

How we can help

We move quickly, create together, and measure often to accelerate your success and put people at the heart of everything. We work with local and global brands who want to use digital to give every customer a great experience. Our combination of strategy, storytelling and experience design helps us deliver lasting impact.


Customer Research

Digital Strategy

Innovation & Insights

Data Analytics

Digital Roadmap




Customer Experience

Service Design

Content Strategy

Customer Engagement

Customer Lifecycle



Digital Branding

Digital Design Systems

Web & Mobile Design

Content Creation

Motion Graphics




Technical Architecture

Web & Mobile Development

Service Integration

Content Management

Marketing Automation


In it for the long haul

We understand the importance of a great relationship. And our clients do, too. Which is why we're still adding value to clients that have been with us for 10+ years. We're proud to partner with brands loved around the world.

Looking for a more meaningful relationship from your agency?

If you have a Request for Proposal that you'd like to share with us for review and response, you can submit your RFP here.